Raw material

The process that makes a fabric Estrato - Trabaldo Togna begins far back, from a careful search and selection of raw materials of the highest quality standards that through highly innovative processes allow to maximize their natural characteristics.


Wool has always been the element behind our work. An elastic fiber by nature, always truthful to itself, which, fortunately, time has not changed. Trabaldo Togna uses only the finest wool, with finishes from Super 110's to Super 180's, coming from selected Merinos sheep farms in Australia and New Zealand. Pure, or mingled with other natural fibers, the resulting wool is able to produce prestigious high performance fabrics.


Not just wool. Trabaldo Togna selects the best Mongolian cashmere to produce fabrics of excellence for the finest luxury brands. The Estrato - Trabaldo Togna cashmere fabrics represent the ultimate revolution in the elasticized world, which make suits, blazers and jackets with extraordinary softness and unique comfort.


Wool and mohair is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. The nervousness of the mohair combined with the elasticity of the wool allowed us to get fabrics characterized by their "crispy hand", crease-proof and extraordinarily elastic.


The finest fiber in the world also known as Fiber of the Gods, originally used by the ancient Inca to weave the clothes of the king. With this precious fiber obtained from the coat of the Andean camelids, selected in full respect and safeguard of the species, we realized the first elasticized fabric in 100% vicuña. A precious and exclusive fabric for the production of high-end garments.


The perfection of each fabric is the result of the extraordinary contribution of our women and men, who every day know how to make the most of the technology and knowledge of the Biella textile tradition.


Yarn quality is of paramount importance for creating fabrics of excellence. The combed ribbons are thinned and stretched to form the wick, to which the right twist is then imparted to obtain a fine, and at the same time resistant, yarn.


The stage where creativity is expressed in evocative colors and shades. Depending on the customer's requirements, we can produce different dyeing types. We only use reactive dyes, so no heavy metal problem. All of our fabrics are therefore eco-friendly and respectful of the health of the consumer.


The preparation of the warp is a very delicate and complex operation that requires great skill and experience, because a minimum error could result in the unperfect making of the drawing.


From the idea to the fabric. Under the constant control of specialized technicians and designers, the warp yarns are interwoven with those of weft according to a precise sequence following the type of armor and design that you want to realize.


The raw fabric is subjected to a first quality control, eliminating any defects and impurities. A delicate operation performed entirely by hand by experienced staff and great skill.


Among the most important stages of the production process, where the raw fabric is finished by giving it that hand and the specific aspect required by the customer. It is the exaltation of the intrinsic characteristics of the fabric, in which gloss and softness express themselves to the utmost perfection.


At the end of the rolling process each fabric passes to the final quality control. Only in this way can the customers' requests and wishes be guaranteed and best satisfied.