Privacy policy

Dear User,

this document describes our privacy policy and it was written according to the new European Union regulations regarding the protection of user data EU 2016-679 (also known as GDPR) and according the national regulations as well.

This legislation was created in order to balance and to strengthen people’s rights to privacy. It provides a guideline for our daily commitment at guaranteeing quality, transparency and safety with a specific focus towards the use of your personal data which, with your consent, we are acquiring in order to provide you with our services.

1. Who are the subjects of the treatment identified by the legislation?

Trabaldo Togna SPA, based in Pray in Via Bartolomeo Sella 5, P.IVA 01679330025 and Fiscal Code 10122260150 is the Holder (from now onwards Holder) of the usage of your personal data, thus the subject who has the authority to make decisions, to issue instructions and to perform tasks relative to the control of the usage itself.

The Holder also uses entities Responsible to the usage (from now onwards Responsibles), who are the physical and legal individuals, the public administration or any other entity, organization or system chosen by the owner in order to fulfill the goal of the regulations.

With this document you will authorize us to use your personal data in order to use your personal data and to decide their usage; the regulation will define you as affected and will give you new and specific rights. 

2. What personal data we collect and how we use them (final usage)

In order to fullfill the legal obligation, to manage the contractual relationships and to receive possible comunications from the Holder, you accept the fact that our company collects some of your common personal data (and not specifics), including (but not limited to) the following:

- Business name, first name and last name of business contacts, address, fiscal code, office number and/or mobile phone number, fax, email address/es, other data necessarity to the fullfiulling of the legal obligations described below;

Keep in mind that users younger than 16 years old cannot give us any personal data, and either way we do not take responsibility for declarations regarding the age made by the user. In the eventuality that we found false declarations we will immediatly proceed with the cancellation of any personal data we acquired from the user.

Moreover, if you provided personal data for a third party, as in the case of family member or friends, you must make sure that these individuals have been adequately informed and have agreed to the usage of their data according to the current regulation.

We also remind you that the provision of this user data is mandatory for the use related to the final usage A, B and C. A refusal to use the data makes it impossible to manage a commercial relationship, and thus we invite you to evaluate your choices accurately.

# Purpose of treatment Retention period Legal basis Consent
A Registration and management of requests for contact and / or information material, in particular: the processing of personal data of the interested party takes place to conduct preliminary activities and consequent to the request for registration, the management of requests for information and contact and / or sending information material, as well as for the fulfillment of any other obligation arising. Indefinite unless there is explicit revocation of consent.
Fulfillment of the services inherent to the relationship established, compliance with legal obligations and the legitimate interest of the Holder. NOT NECESSARY
B Management of the contractual relationship, in particular: the processing of the personal data of the interested party takes place to carry out preliminary activities and consequent to the purchase of a service and / or a product, the management of the related order, the provision of the service itself and / or the production and / or shipment of the purchased product, the related invoicing and payment processing, the handling of complaints and / or reports to the assistance service and the provision of the assistance itself, the prevention of fraud and the fulfillment of any other obligation deriving from the contract. 10 years or more in the event of a legal dispute Fulfillment of the services inherent to the relationship established, compliance with legal obligations and the legitimate interest of the Holder. NOT NECESSARY
C Promotional activities on services / products similar to those purchased by the interested party (Recital 47 GDPR), in particular: the Data Controller, even without your explicit consent, may use the contact details provided by the Interested Party, for direct sales purposes of own services / products, limited to the case in which these are services / products similar to those sold, unless the interested party explicitly objects. 5 years of inactivity unless consent is revoked Legitimate interest of the Holder. NOT NECESSARY
D Receive offers and commercial communications (via email and telephone) including sending "choices" (folders and types concerning the fabrics of the various collections) and possible visits by one of our agents by appointment. Until the refusal to receive others
Legitimate interest of the Holder.

• Yes


E Receiving email newsletters containing information on events and fairs.
Until the refusal to receive others Legitimate interest of the Holder.

• Yes

• No

The aforesaid activities will involve the processing of your personal data that may consist, in addition to their collection, in their registration, storage, modification, communication, cancellation and storage in paper and / or electronic form with manual and / or automated tools.

Your personal data will also be protected by appropriate security measures as required by current legislation, with particular regard to security measures provided by the GDPR (art.32) for their treatment by computer tools, manual and automated and kept for the time strictly necessary for the fulfillment of the aforementioned purposes.

3. Recipients of personal data and possibility of moving data abroad

Your personal information might me shared, as it is their right, between the Holder and the authorized entities and to other entities that have been appointed Responsible to the usage of data. The Holder assures that these entities have been ordered to use the same safety measures that the owner itself uses towards the users, narrowing down the possible area of action of the Responsible entities to a specific performance that has been required by the Holder.

Within limits pre-defined by contracts, your data might be shared with a third party (for example by a supplier of products and/or services) that can be found both within the European Union or outside of it. The possibility of sharing personal data with entities located outside of the European Union is regulated by specific contracts that mandate the receivers to follow the guarantees required by the current regulation.

4. Additional information necessary to ensure correct and transparent treatment 

At any time you have the right to ask us to view your personal data collected by us, ask us to rectify and / or delete them (in accordance with the retention period indicated in point 2), limit their treatment by revoking all or part of it the consents that you have provided, you can also ask for their portability (if applicable). You can exercise your rights by requesting the Data Controller by sending an e-mail to or, alternatively, a letter addressed to him at our office in via Bartolomeo Sella, 5 - 13867 Pray (Italy) ; It will be our care to answer them without any delay and in a clear and understandable way. 

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority. 

This information may be subject to change. In particular, if Manifattura di Ponzone intends to process your personal data for a purpose other than those indicated in this statement, we will provide you with new information on the subject by modifying this same document and making it back to you.  

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