Trabaldo Togna embodies the fascinating story of a family that for five generations has been committed to pass on this trade up to the point where it became art. An art bequeathed from father to son and up to this day, the era of technology, still in need of the skillful human hand. A history of experience, passion, excellence that began before the Italian Unification. A story whose most exciting pages are still to be written.

The origins of the Trabaldo Togna family date back to the XVIII Century when two families of merchants, Trabaldo and Togna, merge to form a single unit.

In 1840 Quirico Trabaldo Togna imports the first power looms from England and initiates the adventure of the family's company. It is the beginning of a story filled with success and big satisfactions.

Between the Italian Unification and the end of the IXX Century the second generation of the family establishes in the current location of Pray the original branch of the factory.

In the beginning of the XX Century the third generation of Trabaldo Togna counts 4 branches and over 3000 employees, and is among the largest industrial entities in the Italian wool market.

In 1953 the woolen mill Lanificio F.lli Trabaldo Togna was established, marking the beginning of the company's modern history now ready to move past the mid of the Century with commitment and creativity, in the most Italian approach.

At the beginning of the 1960s the fourth generation of the family comes to lead the factory. During the 1970s Trabaldo Togna becomes the current S.p.A.

Between the fourth and fifth generation of the family the company strengthened its presence among the top rank of the market, and began to produce fine and superfine fabrics.

The come to power of the fifth generation coincided with the conquest of new emerging markets where the economic boom generated demand for luxury goods in menswear. Trabaldo Togna became one of the leaders worldwide for fine and superfine stretch fabrics thanks to investments in new research projects, which allowed to reach levels of excellence with natural fiber fabrics.

Under the guidance of the fifth generation the company is now ready to face new challenges to new frontiers to explore. The future for us is represented by continuous research in the elasticity performance in all types of drapery and woolen fabrics, from pure cashmere to Super 180's and Super 150's wool, to the complicated flannels.

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From Trabaldo Togna's early 20th century archive.