The origins and success story of a family business that from 1840 produces with great passion fine fabrics in pure wool, pure cashmere and wool blended with other precious fibers.


Innovation and tradition: the perfect union of high quality and performance to satisfy the best contemporary lifestyle.


Respect for the environment, people's value, innovation and excellence: the essential values at the heart of our work.

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Innovative stretch fabric

Estrato - Trabaldo Togna is a line of high quality elasticized fabrics made from the finest raw materials, which make it possible to make suits always flawless, even after a busy day of work or after a long journey. Estrato - Trabaldo Togna can be considered the latest generation of fabrics because it inherits all the features of the drapeau and woolen Biella’s textile tradition, enhancing and amplifying the natural elasticity of the fibers without the presence of synthetic elements. The process that takes a fabric to become Estrato - Trabaldo Togna starts from afar, from a careful selection of wool and noble fibers used to be then worked with highly innovative techniques.

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Find out our Estrato - Trabaldo Togna collections developed in richly colored dyed yarn, modern and traditional design, made with the best Super 120’s to Super 180’s wool, cashmere and wool blended with other precious fibers.

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La nuova collezione Estrato AW22 a Milano Unica 06/07/2021 - Exhibitions Events

Per la collezione autunno-inverno 2022, Trabaldo Togna racconta l’innovazione sostenibile. Anche in cinese.
“Tradizioni ...

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Milano Unica PE21 03/02/2020 - Exhibitions Events

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Milano Unica PE20 18/02/2019 - articles

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